Animal Crossing (Doubutsu no Mori in Japan) was a game released for the Nintendo 64 in 2001. It was later ported and translated to the Gamecube in North America shortly after by the Nintendo Treehouse Division. It came with its own memory card due to how big the game world was. 

  • This game has.... 
  • Debugging material
    Animal Crossing Coverart
  • Unused Modes
  • Unused Areas
  • Unused NPCS

Debug Menu Edit

The game has a debug mode which can be activated by setting the disc ID version field to 0x99. Use a hex editor to change byte #7 which is 0x00000007 of the ISO/GCM file. Not something the layman would do.

Unused Debug WorldsEdit

The game has several debug worlds containing odd things such as glitched villagers and several pitfalls. 

They can only be acessed by Action replay codes.

To acess them you need to decrypt these Action Replay codes with GCNcrypt

FA0E2382 00000040

01526440 08000000

0528E944 000000xx

Replace xx with the number of the world or room. 

Animal Crossing - Beta World-1

Animal Crossing - Beta World-1

Beta World 0 (List of xx values here)

Press the L button before exiting a building to warp.

Unused VillagerEdit

An unused villager, Many people call Blazel, can be found in the game's code. The villager's name is a series of glitched characters, and has characteristics similar to Bliss and Hazel. Talking to the villager a second time changes its name to Jambette, possibly due to memory errors. The NPC is loaded in the memory with other non-villager NPCS for a odd reason. The villager can be seen by using the following Action Replay codes with the US version: QRV3-4RM5-ZZKU7 and KKJQ-YNNA-01B4D



The Four NES GamesEdit

There are 4 nes games that cannot be found. But with cheats you can play them. But you cant really find these in game in certain versions. The games were found using the short lived GameCube E-Reader add-on and Cards. Some were gived away at promotional events

Few Games:

Super Mario Brothers

Mario Bros.

Ice Climber

The Legend Of Zelda.