Super Mario Bros. (NA)
 The game everybody loves and some idiots blame for school shootings! Its Super Mario Brothers!
  • This game contains...
  • Unused music
  • Unused objects
  • Unused modes

Unused musicEdit


An alternate version of the game over theme

Unused FirebarEdit

Enemy object 1E is a short Firebar that rotates counterclockwise quickly. However, unlike its clockwise counterpart 1C used only in World 5-4, this type is never used in any valid levels.

Unlike most invalid enemies (such as glitch Firebars 20, 21, and 22), this type has a valid entry in the setting table. FirebarSpinSpdData:

     .db $28, $38, $28, $38, $28


     .db $00, $00, $10, $10, $00

The settings are stored in this order: Clockwise (1B), Speedy Clockwise (1C), Counterclockwise (1D), Speedy Counterclockwise (1E), and Long Firebar (1F). Firebar (1E) has both the faster speed ($38) and counterclockwise rotation ($10) programmed in.

Unused Timer SettingEdit

There is a level header setting which allows the timer to start at 200, though nothing ingame actually uses it. Hard Mode perhaps?

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